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Asphalt Maintenance...

This refers to applications that keep the structural integrity of the existing installation from deteriorating further and assist in extending pavement life in a very affordable manner.

Over time, oxidation from the Sun dries the oil binders in asphalt, weakening the bond and reducing the strength of the surface. In addition, in our desert southwest climate, the abundance of daily landscape irrigation causes asphalt erosion.

By visiting your location, we will guide you in determining the best solution in your case.

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Asphalt Restoration...

Involves analyzing your pavements overall condition, underlying causes of distress, then guiding you on the best and most cost-effective method to return your pavement to a new condition, whether by Overlay,  Pulverization and Re-Pave, Petro-Mat Fabric with Overlay, or total Removal and Replacement... you have options.

Asphalt Maintenance Options

Seal Coating

Our Seal coat product is machine-applied by the heavy squeegee and consists of a heavy-duty asphalt slate emulsion specifically designed to provide long-lasting protection to asphalt surfaces in the Southwest region, and assists in preventing further damage to the asphalt.

Seal coating will help keep your parking lot, or road surface looking new as well as extend the remaining asphalt life with our top-grade product.


This is our exclusive extra-durable Seal product, utilizing the addition of 7 lbs. of #30 silica sand to the seal material, with not more than 10% dilution.

We have found this product to do an extremely good job of filling in all the deeper voids in the older asphalt surface, and at a very reasonable cost to the owner.

Precision Paving Company

Crack Filling

One of the most important maintenance activities is crack filling with a top-grade rubberized, hot-applied crack filler such as the product we use, RW-306P, which we feel is the best on the market. Be sure to take this important measure to prevent water from getting under the asphalt and creating more extensive damage.

Slurry Seal Coating

Slurry seal coating applications are designed with the addition of graded aggregates in specific quantities to the liquid binder mix and additives.

Slurry sealing is a durable surface and can be a cost-effective and versatile means of extending the life of existing asphalt, and can be tailored to your specific needs, such as Type I, Type II and Type III.

Hot Asphalt Patching and Trench Re-Pave Installation:

Finished repair: 

Spots where the asphalt has broken down will lead to the un-loved "pothole." Proper repair of potholes is essential as part of an asphalt maintenance program and will help keep the immediate area from deteriorating further. In addition, we provide Utility Trench Re-Paving services to Contractors, as well as emergency repairs.

Asphalt Restoration Options

Removal and Replacement

This method involves saw cutting the existing asphalt, removing the damaged material and hauling it away, preparation of the base by proper re-compaction then installation of a new asphalt surface.

This is used where the damage to the existing surface is so severe that it would not be in the best interest of the property to follow one of the following methods.


Pulverization & Repave

This consists of pulverizing by machine, the existing asphalt surface, in place, then re-grading and moisture conditioning this new base surface, rolling for compaction and then installing a new course of asphalt.


This is the installation of one course of new asphalt, applied directly to the existing surface, which we clean and prep with a Tack coat. This can prove to be the best solution in the event the existing surface is structurally sound with no major signs of distress, necessitating a more substantial remedy.


Petro-Mat Fabric & Overlay

This installation consists of placing a layer of specially designed petro-mat fabric directly over the cleaned existing surface, then installing one course of asphalt overlay. This application is very useful in areas which have a sound sub-grade and base under the existing asphalt, but where the asphalt is showing severe "alligator" cracking and splitting. 

The fabric mat will help prevent the old asphalt surface from protruding into the new overlay surface, thereby preventing the reappearance of the cracking and adding many years of useful life.

Additional Services We Provide

Concrete Repairs

Sidewalks, curb, and gutter, drainage structures.

Striping and Curb Painting

We install new parking lot striping of every kind, as well as directional arrows, stop bars, handicap stalls, and signage.

ADA upgrades

We can install new ADA required elements on your site.