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Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

Speed Bump Installation Project

1. The day started early, we had 19 Speed Bumps to install in one day

2. Removing old bumps, Traffic Control was important-- The Casino Hotel never closes!

3. At the end of the day, the Mandalay staff appreciated our work performance.

Nevada Beverage Las Vegas, Nevada

Pulverization and Re-Pave Project

Loading Dock paving brought back to life!

1. Our Client had special scheduling needs, requiring no business interruption

2. We pulverized, graded and compacted the site all in one Friday night!

3. Then we paved on Saturday morning, and they were all set for business Monday!

PRG Facility Parking Lot Addition Las Vegas, NV

1. Our crew hard at work, paving a parking lot addition after a building demolition

2. Precision Paving gets it done right for you, and a Fog Seal is the final touch!

Willow Pointe HOA Las Vegas, Nevada

Pulverization and Re-Pave Project

Gated Residential Community gets a Brand-New Look!

1. Starting like this Very little disruption to the neighborhood, in reality

2. By pulverizing the existing asphalt and underlying base, you have options!

3. Re-grade and repair drainage issues, then roll for compaction and Pave!